Last year, Google AdWords introduced Estimated Total Conversions giving you a more complete picture of how AdWords drives calls, in-store visits and app downloads. Majority of sales for many industries are still happening in person, roughly 95%. This, along with online activities influencing offline transactions makes it more important than ever that we understand the impact of search ads to driving visits to physical stores.

Shopping PPC

In the next few weeks, AdWords will be rolling out store visit measurement to eligible advertisers in the U.S and with this, hoping to close the gap in knowledge and show an additional value in online advertising.


  • See which campaigns and devices drive the most store visits to your business
  • Understand your ROI and make more informed decisions about as creative, spend, (etc.)


  • Have a Google My Business account linked to your AdWords Account
  • Location extensions set up in your Google My Business account
  • Multiple physical store locations in the US
  • Receive a large number (not specified at the moment) of both ad clicks and store visits

Will advertisers embrace and trust this new metric? If so, it will be significant for Google.