New AdWords Conversion Settings Now Available in Analytics

By Jacob Brown | @jakebrownppc | Sr. Account Analyst at Hanapin Marketing

The ability to view your goal completions and other statistics from Google Analytics in the AdWords interface is a great feature that Google offers advertisers. As Google AdWords makes updates to conversion tracking, wouldn’t it be nice if all of those updates applied to the goals and transactions that you import into AdWords from Google Analytics? Well, now they can!

Throughout the year Google AdWords has come out with new features to conversion tracking:

  • In September 2013, Google launched customized conversion windows, allowing advertisers to customize their conversion window from anywhere between 7 and 90 days.
  • On February 25th, Google launched flexible conversion tracking. This allowed advertisers to segment conversions and converted clicks.
  • On February 26th, Google expanded the flexible conversion tracking feature by also allowing advertisers to edit conversion values within the interface without having to change the conversion tracker on the back-end.

All of these new settings to conversion tracking are now available for goals and transactions imported from Google Analytics. Having this available will allow Google Analytics users to set conversion windows for different segments of the company, customize how conversions are counted in those segments, and specify the value of conversions based on your objectives

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