Remember in June, when Bing announced the new simplified device targeting, similar to Google AdWords, was on its way? Well, today is the day that desktops and tablets are combined into one device targeting selection as it is in Google AdWords.

Previously, Bing allowed advertisers to modify bids on desktops/laptops, mobile, and tablets all separately as seen below:

Old Bing Device Targeting

Now, tablets will be in with the desktops as seen here:

New Bing Device Targeting

The Bad News

Similarly to Google, you now have to target tablets on Bing along with targeting desktops. This could hurt performance slightly as ads typically have lower performance on tablets in terms of conversions in quite a few industries.

The Good News

With so many advertisers using the Google Import tool that Bing has available this was an ease of account management move made by Bing. This change makes the importing tool even more effective as the device settings should be able to transfer over with no issues. Also, Bing allows features that Google does not, including tablet bid modifiers.

More Bad News

Wait, Bing allows you to include tablet bid modifiers? So technically can you still opt out by setting the modifiers to -100%? Unfortunately, no. Bing has this set so you can bid from anywhere between +300% to -20% for tablets.

Bing Device Modifier Chart

We knew this was coming. Now is the time to make the necessary changes in your Bing account. Bing explains that the changes must be made by October 3rd, 2014.

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