[New Flash Webinar!] What You Need To Know For A Successful Start On DoubleClick Bid Manager

By Jamie Newton | @jnewton09 | Senior Communications Manager at Hanapin Marketing

Are you wanting to jump into the world of programmatic advertising? DoubleClick Bid Manager is an easy way to start programmatic if you are already advertising on Google and Bing. It offers more access to spend and reporting, however, unlike Google AdWords, you can’t just start a campaign right away. There are multiple steps along way, numerous settings, and targeting options you need to be aware of before you even start your campaign.

In this 20 minute flash webinar, Hanapin expert Kelsey Hadaller, discusses what you need to know for a successful start and smooth transition on DoubleClick Bid Manager. This live webinar will take place on Thursday, April 6th at Noon EST.
You’ll get expert-level PPC tips like:

  • How DoubleClick Bid Manager fits into your programmatic efforts
  • Planning out your strategy before implementation
  • Crucial steps and settings to start your campaign

Presented by

Kelsey_Hadaller_185x155Kelsey Hadaller


Can’t make the webinar? Register anyways and we’ll send you the slides and recording afterwards!

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