No matter what type of company you work for, you have probably found that PPC and SEO teams struggle to communicate and often work in silos. However, this connection is vital to the ability to leverage data from both sides and increase your conversion rate. You can’t make more people search for a query, but you can control how many of your listings show on the search results page.

In this new live webinar, CEO of Directive Consulting, Garrett Mehrguth, and Hanapin’s Senior Account Manager, Matt Umbro, will show you how you can best merge your PPC and SEO worlds and achieve cross-channel success.

You’ll get expert PPC and SEO tips like:

  • How to drastically improve lead volume and control your pipeline
  • Understanding the buyer’s journey through paid search and organic
  • Using top-performing PPC queries for organic keyword research

Presented by:

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Garrett Mehrguth                      Matt Umbro