[New Webinar!] How To Stand Out In The News Feed With Social Video Marketing

A May 2016 study by Animoto found that over 70% of US marketers it polled planned to use social video ads in the coming 12 months, with Facebook leading the way among specific platforms, followed by Google’s YouTube and Facebook-owned Instagram. As your audience clearly grows more visually-oriented across social platforms, how are you peaking their interest? There are infinite directions where you could go with content, but whatever path you choose, the use of video can help you cut through the clutter of social feeds and make your brand stand out among the rest.

In this new live webinar, we’ll have a panel of experts from Hanapin, Curalate, Simply Measured, and The Weather Channel to discuss where your social video strategies should be currently, what the future of social video will look like, and their personal social video success stories.

Join us and get expert Social tips like:

  • Why video is vitally important in your marketing campaigns
  • How to tell your story effectively through video
  • How to use video ads across different platforms
  • What the future of social video will look like, and how to get ahead of the game

Presented by:

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Kevin Shively                       Neil Katz                         Brendan Lowry                  JD Prater


New Paid Social Insights to Maximize Your ROAS

In this webinar panel discussion, Hootsuite’s Ryan Ginsberg, AdStage’s JD Prater, and Hanapin’s Steve Burnett will team up to walk you through all the new and exciting changes in social and offer opinions and strategies to use them for your benefit.

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