It is no surprise that in this fast paced world, users want to continue to further their education and that they start their initial research on the Internet. The educational resources on the Internet are endless and they influence user’s decisions on the route they should take when continuing their education.

Out of all the users that are seeking additional education, per Google, 25% never look outside of the Internet. However, out of all of the education related searches, only 20% actually lead to a conversion. With the industry still growing at a rapid pace, advertisers have the daunting task of being as efficient as possible while persuading users to enroll in their courses.

To ensure that you are making an impression in the education industry online, here are 7 tips to increase efficiency and ensure that you are targeting the right and most qualified demographics.

The 7 tips include:

  • Don’t be hindered by compliance issues
  • Segment by campus or program
  • Take advantage of ad extensions

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