The travel agent of the modern world has undergone a seismic shift in identity.

Many would argue this position no longer exists, a profession that has crumbled and given way to the digital age. Some would nostalgically recall the freestanding concrete buildings riddled with destination banners and logos intertwined with airplanes as a thing of the past. And while this may be true, there is a larger supply of travel booking agents now than ever before.

The modern day travel agent is an independent operation, acting on his or her own behalf. They seek discounted deals with flashy features and maximum convenience. This travel agent, better known as the consumer, is as informed as ever with an abundance of research tools at their fingertips. They are increasingly engaged with social media, travel blogs, and review aggregator sites, which in turn has replaced traditional word of mouth.

This change within the travel industry provides an excellent opportunity for search marketers. Much like travel, PPC is all about arriving in the right place at the right time. In order to achieve this within a dynamic market, here are eight tactics to ensure your travel PPC account soars.

In this Whitepaper we’ll discuss:

  • Creating campaigns on a gateway basis
  • Capitalizing by extensions
  • Separating yourself from the competition with unique value propositions
  • Adjusting budgets according to seasonality and current events
  • Constructing a successful ad schedule
  • How to remarket like a champion

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