Next Level PPC & SEO With Google Analytics

Join us for a Webinar on Wednesday, February 13th at 12pm

With the basics of SEO and PPC covered over the last two months, it’s time for something a little deeper! In this month’s webinar, Erik Dafforn of Intrapromote and Kayla Kurtz of Hanapin Marketing  will uncover how to use Google Analytics to report and analyze your SEO and PPC accounts. Each presenter will explain their 5 must-check metrics in the GA interface for their respective mediums, in addition to:

  • Describing beneficial custom reports to set up in GA for your PPC & SEO campaigns.
  • Outlining how to use PPC key performance indicators in GA to optimize SEO, and vice versa.
  • Demonstrating how SEO and PPC interact with goal funnels.
  • Segmenting traffic to better measure your performance.
  • Measuring your content’s effectiveness — with or without keyword data.

Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar seat NOW!

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