Social is great at driving traffic, but many times not so great for direct response conversions. While Social requires a different approach, PPC can play a key role in capitalizing on traffic that may seem like wasted spend otherwise. An integration of strategies allows you to focus on optimizing Social for its strengths instead of trying to force it into a sales-oriented channel.

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How do we do this? Use remarketing as a key strategy to compliment Social initiatives. Remarketing is the link between engaging content and turning social investments into a key part of the sales funnel.

Remarketing allows you to move prospective customers through the funnel efficiently after the initial engagement or click takes place. Utilize remarketing to serve text and display ads that drive users back to your site.

If you’ve provided someone with something of value on social, you have also begun building affinity and trust for your brand. This user is now much more likely to revisit your site and take a desired action. Your job now becomes to remind them of what they liked, tack on a call-to-action, and the likelihood of a conversion is exponential.

Social advertising can provide you with a large amount of traffic, comprised of users targeted via unique social signals helping to identify new audiences that have shown interest in your brand. Remarketing is the key to nurturing social traffic and transforming them into life-long brand advocates.

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