The page views have spoken! Below we have gathered PPC Hero’s and SEO Boy’s most visited, and hopefully most valuable articles from June. Whether you’re a new or long-time subscriber, you may have missed these insightful and helpful PPC and SEO management tips. Enjoy!

PPC Hero Greatest Hits:

Just when you thought the water was safe, Google introduced a new version of Analytics back in April, which introduced several new features.  Bethany bravely cannonballs into the Analytics pool and gives readers lessons on how to swim and not sink with her article Creating Custom Reports in Google Analytics.  She outlines how to choose what kind of report will meet your needs and how to set up your report and how to get the most out of your built report. Read Bethany’s post to get the skivvy on making the most out of Google Analytics.

You asked for it – and you read it!  One of June’s most read posts hails from Jessica C. who provides 5 More Top Excel Tips for PPC Managers.  This post is part of our June EXCELlent Series highlighting different tactics to win the PPC war and make Excel one of your best allies.  Jessica highlights the LEN function to help with ad text creation; the beauty of using Pivot Tables (a step-by-step tutorial!); creating useful charts; various keyboard shortcuts for PCs and Macs; and the IF function to test if certain conditions are true in your spreadsheets.  Don’t miss out on this post if you want to be all you can be in Excel!

Other posts in the blog series include:

SEO Boy Greatest Hits:

First place honors go to Jessica C. for her article, 10 Ways to Improve a Google Places Page.  Google Places is a free option used for promoting your business online and helps boost your listing to the top of the local search results.  Jessica takes us through step-by-step account set up, verification and optimization of your Places Page, including making the most out of tracking your pages through Analytics.  The bulk of this post is about optimization so make sure that you read the full article to help place your clients in those top results like Jessica did!

Kayla rocks the second spot this month with Google Displays Click Count In Paid Search Results.  Google is now testing a new feature in AdWords that will display the click count under select advertiser’s PPC ads. Google has not released info on how they will select these advertisers but it is in the works.  Kayla also addresses what this means for all of you SEO Managers out there who think that this new feature won’t help you… so read on friends!

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