As many in the PPC industry know, the Compass is Hanapin Marketing’s best practices journal we’ve released it quarterly and semi-privately for years. But this year, we’re changing it up. We’ve started hosting quarterly industry surveys via the Hanapin Forum where we ask you, our dedicated audience, what you think about a particular issue in the PPC industry.

We collect the survey results each quarter and turn the data into beautiful (not to mention insightful!) charts and graphs about the direction and mood of the digital advertising landscape. You may be familiar with this concept after we released last year’s State of Paid Search PPC industry survey.

Now, we’re adding that sort of data to each and every Compass, and posting it publicly right here on PPC Hero. Check out our first of 2014, where we focus on Google AdWords disapprovals and how to handle them.

We wanted to focus on helping our readership solve a very frustrating aspect of PPC – disapprovals. The PPC world is in a constant whirlwind of changes. With new guidelines, modifications, and edits almost every month; your ads that were once champion test winners are now getting disapproved or aren’t working as well.

In the past few months, Google has introduced quite a few modifications in AdWords and more recently has seemed to really clamp down on compliance issues. The new changes and more frequent occurences of ad disapprovals have left some digital marketers unhappy and not quite understanding what they did wrong. Along with the results of a brand new forum, Hanapin helps you understand those disapprovals and recent trends in the PPC world.

In addition to our invaluable survey data, you’ll learn:

  • Categories of common disapprovals
  • Tips on how to keep your site from getting flagged
  • Regulation and compliance challenges for specific industries
  • Results from our Quarter 1 Forum

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