IMO, one of the best advantages of PPC marketing is the ability to analyze the online behavior of your target audience and quickly expand your reach to generate revenue for your business. Pay-Per-Click ad campaigns are a great way to optimize branding exposure and implement seasonal marketing strategies. If you are thinking of starting a pay-per-click ad campaign, here are some pro’s and con’s to consider.

Pros of Paid Search Marketing 

With Pay Per Click ad campaigns, you are able to exponentially drive visitors to your website and market your brand online. Ad impressions help increase your brand recognition while you only pay for meaningful traffic. 

If you are looking to target specific geographic zones, pay per click campaigns can be a great solution. You can adjust target settings within seconds and create filters, so your ads are shown in preferred locations. 

New customers can be targeted based on the keywords they are searching for. Pay per click advertising allows account managers to view keyword reports and determine which ones are suitable and most relevant.

Pay Per Click ad campaigns are also perfect for seasonal marketing strategies. There is considerable control over how your campaign dollars are being spent and ad scheduling. 

Finally, PPC is perfect for e-commerce campaigns

Cons of Paid Search Marketing

Paid Seach requires full-time commitment and extensive research. It’s also important to make sure the landing page is congruent with the ads. 

A blanket approach will not work for paid search. Ongoing ad testing is needed to improve performance and lower costs. Ad messaging that resonates with your clients’ prospects in one city probably isn’t going to resonate with your clients’ prospects in another. If you’ve got clients across the states, that are home to vastly different cultures, your search ads should reflect that. 

Lastly, PPC has evolved since what is was back in the day. Prepare for a learning curve or hire an expert to manage your account. 

If you’ve already launched a PPC campaign this easy to use PPC performance template is a great way to troubleshoot the performance of paid search campaigns.