The 2020 PPC Hero Summit, a FREE, ONLINE event, is less than 2 weeks away. Are you registered yet?

The Summit was designed for digital marketers who do more than just PPC in their role. Not only will you get updated on the latest happenings in paid media, but you’ll get strategies and tips that you can implement right away in your accounts for better performance. AND we’ll even help you better explain that great performance to your boss!

In our past Summit events, we’ve always featured multiple dynamic female speakers (i.e. Purna Virji & Carrie Albright, among others!). But this year, along with our women veterans, you’ll also see emerging speakers, like Mary Hartman, Dani Gonzales, Kamlyn Spivey, and Lara Lowery. They’ve spoken at a number of paid media events over the last year, including Hero Conf Philly & London, MN Search, and Pubcon.

Dani Gonzales will be speaking at the B2B Marketing Exchange in Arizona in February and both Dani and Kamlyn Spivey will be speaking at Hero Conf Austin in April (and Purna will be there too!) You can expect to see more out of all these women this year, whether at conferences, on webinars, or videos!

Let’s talk more about the sessions you’ll see these awesome women in (We just did a blog post about Lara Lowery’s session. See it here):

If you are still struggling to understand how ABM works and/or the impact paid media can make on ABM strategies, then this is the session for you. Mary and Dani will define ABM, discuss best practices, share different strategies that have worked for their clients, and walk you through setting up your ABM KPI’s.

Starting at 1:30pm EST Diane Anselmo, Associate Director of Services at Hanapin, and Kamlyn Spivey, Account Manager at Hanapin, will share their audience strategies and tests for both search and social platforms.

Tune in to learn how to maximize conversions and engagement or lower cost per action by taking a fresh approach to audiences.

Remember how we said earlier that the Summit would also teach you how to better explain your paid performance to your boss? If that’s what you’re looking for, then this is the session you need to be at! In this session, Carrie and Lauren will give you tips on how to answer that inevitable question of “what’s going on” and explain valuable insights to your C-level executive in a digestible way.

Other topics the Summit will cover include search trends, how content marketing and PPC can work together, remarketing, powerful Facebook strategies, and how to make machine learning work for your brand.

If paid media is any part of your job, then you’ll appreciate the actionable takeaways and valuable discussions that you’ll get by attending the Summit.

NEW THIS YEAR! PPC Hero Summit will have its own Slack Channel, where you can have discussions and directly ask the presenters questions right after each of their sessions. Plus, we’ll have contests and giveaways throughout the event. Stay tuned for more details!