PPC Hero Video Blog #4: Demographic Targeting

Behavioral marketing and demographic targeting through PPC ads is slowly being considered an “invasion of privacy.” To combat this, Mozilla has launched a new feature that allows users to easily “Opt out” of advertising agencies having access to their browser history in order to better target ads to their preferences. This “Do not track” feature, as it has been named, has made it much easier for users to keep from being tracked. In the following video blog, we at PPC Hero interviewed a few people off the street in order to get their opinions on the matter of behavioral marketing, and had some pretty interesting answers.

The Rise of The No-Click Search Results

Searching for answers and data has never been easier thanks to the help of search engines. Here we’ll discuss the effect that no-click cost is having on ppc, including the growing popularity of voice search.

How to Drive Calls that Actually Convert

Our experts are here to explain how gaining call tracking data can help you close the gap in your customer journey and tailor their experience so they actually convert.