Business owners always want to gain more customers and win back the old ones. After all, growth is impossible if you just rely on your existing customers. That’s why marketers are always looking for ways to gain more leads to become clients. You can do that using numerous lead generation techniques, including PPC or Pay-Per-Click marketing.

What Makes PPC a Fantastic Technique for Lead Generation?

PPC is an excellent technique ideal for any website or company doing online lead generation. Lead gen is what businesses use to determine who to do business with, which includes a period of pre-qualification and exchange of information. The goal is for the lead to get into the funnel or the lead-tracking system

Compared to other sources of leads, PPC is great because it continually appears on the search results page one. It means it is always in front of people who are looking for a solution to a specific problem. The more people who are aware of you, the more leads you can feed into the funnel that can become clients.

You Are Getting Lots of Leads, But What’s the Problem?

Though you’ve earned a significant number of leads, have excellent conversion rates, and a reasonable cost per lead, you found one problem. Most of the leads you get are “junk leads.” While you did gain lots of leads, only a few of them turned into opportunities and customers. It means you are not getting a healthy ROI, so what can you do? 

How can you improve the quality of your leads and prospects with PPC marketing? Start by learning more about your competitor. If you check out this article, research tool SEMRush review, you will see that by mastering competitor analysis, you can drive more traffic to your site and boost your sales. Of course, you don’t just stop at analyzing your competitor. 

Make use of the following strategies to reach high-quality leads and prospects.

Target Relevant Keywords

The core of any paid search campaign is keywords. But you can’t just use any keyword. It must be relevant, the best ones that are suitable for your business. So, make sure to target the most focused keywords. Make use of keyword research tools to find the best keyword ideas. It will be a crucial step to attract quality leads to the funnel system.

The kind of keywords you are looking for here is more specific. That is, it must indicate the intent of the searcher. For instance, someone searches “web design.” These keywords are vague, but if the searcher types in “web design services” or “New York web design,” the intent is more evident. It is the kind of keywords you need for your PPC ad.

Research through Websites and Social Media Platforms

Market research is essential in any marketing campaign, including PPC. Your lack of it could be why you don’t see healthy leads and prospects. Two of the best ways you can do research is through websites and social media platforms. With market analysis, you can gather as much information you need to create the best PPC marketing campaign.

It will provide you with insights that help you learn things such as:

  • How many prospects you have?
  • Who are your customers?
  • Why do they buy?
  • How do they buy?
  • Why do they buy from you?
  • Why do they buy from your competitors?
  • Where can you find more opportunities for leads?

You can find the answers to these questions by doing research. The Internet is a good place for this, given there are plenty of good sites that can help with analyzing the market. Moreover, you can utilize social media through real-time pulse checking, social listening, social segmentation, polls, and more. 

Create Customized Landing Pages for Your Ad Groups

When a prospect gets to your landing page, that’s when the click has already been paid. But that doesn’t mean that you are done. You can improve the quality of your leads by optimizing the elements of your landing page based on the needs and challenges of your customers. If possible, develop landing pages that are unique for each of your ad groups. 

If it isn’t possible to create unique landing pages, keep your headlines and subheadings dynamic instead. Don’t forget about the best practices on designing landing pages for that help ensure only quality leads remain. Make it look great by keeping it uncluttered, with clickable buttons, has the conversion tracking turned on, and with excellent design just like the image below. 

Separate Campaigns into Groups

It’s common for companies to set up campaigns for every product or service they offer. But there are plenty of ways you can target your audience besides this. Segmenting your campaigns in as many groups as possible is one of those techniques. Carefully plan your campaigns, then separate them in different categories related to your product or service.

Some of the categories you can segment your campaign include:

  • Sub-category
  • Feature
  • Target industry
  • Benefit
  • Geographic location

After separating your campaigns, you can begin setting them up with the related relevant keywords, personalized ads, and customized landing page based on the segment. By setting up your campaigns this way, you can focus your PPC marketing efforts. With that, you will have higher quality leads that in turn increases your conversion rates.

Use Your Competitors for Keyword Inspiration

You have plenty of tools and resources to use in improving your PPC campaigns, including your competitors. Use SEMRush and other research tools to learn about your competitors, such as the keywords they use, especially if they are doing well on the search engine result pages. Don’t deliberately copy them, but you should try using similar keywords and CTAs. 

Test Your Keywords and Ads

Just like in any marketing campaign, don’t forget to test your keywords and ads. It’s crucial to know which of your offers are getting the most traction and which don’t. Knowing which of them are making the most opportunities allows you to change and improve your tactic. Don’t just test the keywords and ads, but also your landing pages for an overall analysis of your campaign.

By performing ad copy tests and keyword tests, you can drive massive improvement in both your CTR and conversion. Before doing the test, make sure you have ample data with your goal being statistical significance. Also, don’t forget that the tests should have a time frame, which allows you to earn valuable data.


If your PPC campaign is doing great but isn’t closing sales, you can give these techniques a try. While not a 100% guarantee, they can give your lead quality a boost. By utilizing these tactics, there’s a good chance you can finally stop wasting money from poor quality leads!