PPC News Roundup For 10/23/2009

By Jessica Niver | @Hanapin
  • I think not enough people take advantage of ad scheduling/day parting. There are lots of reasons to schedule your ads including this one from the folks at ROI Revolution: if people can’t reach your company 24 hours a day, it might be hurting you to have your ads running at 3 AM.
  • All internet advertising and marketing these days is about quickly, continuously, and transparently responding to the questions, requests, and needs of your audience. As Scott Brinker’s post at Search Engine Land explains, the same principles that make social media efforts successful can be applied to paid search landing pages to increase their success.
  • Twitter announced this week that it has a new partnership with Bing to create Bing Twitter Search. Search Engine Land offers a good description of the service with their post Up Close With Bing’s Twitter Search Engine. When you search on Bing, you’ll get related tweets at the top of the page – very cool! There’s some talk about time delays and missing tweets, but the new service has really great potential.
  • Bing is not the only one gaining access to Twitter update. Search Engine Journal notes that Google, too, Will Index Twitter Updates. Exactly how or when Google will implement the partnership is unknown. The blog also notes that Bing still has one more trick up its sleeve as the search engine also has plans with Facebook.
  • Ever run a report in Google Adwords Campaign Report and seen the “Impression Share” statistic? This metric can be incredibly useful if you understand how to interpret it. This post does a good job of explaining the basics behind the impression share metric in Google Adwords.
  • Yahoo! wants you to be ready for the holidays badly – therefore they have posted the top online holiday shopping days that can make you the most money, and also make you spend the money, but hopefully for a good return!
  • If you’re using website optimizer to enhance the performance of your website, then you’ll be interested to know of a new chart available within the system: over time charts. This chart allows you to see the cumulative conversion rate of each combination over the life of an experiment. Very interesting!
  • Is PPC an art form or a science? We’ve asked this question previously and Greg over at SEM Geek has delved deeper into this question. So, what conclusion does Greg arrive at? Find out for yourself!
  • There is nothing like saving time when managing a PPC account. Google has recently released keyboard short stickers which will make your life easier. Yeah! This will make learning shortcuts faster within AdWords.

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