PPC News Roundup for 11/13/2009

  • Search Engine Land takes a look at the advanced segments feature in Google Analytics. The example compares short & long keywords to show how the advanced tool can be used to analyze keyword data more efficiently. Never hurts to learn a little bit more about Analytics…
  • The next installment in the SEM Beginner Series explains the use of dynamic text and how it can be used to improve some Key Performance Indicators. Ad copy that is customized to what the user searched on can improve your CTR and conversion rates.
  • Searching Beyond the Paid has a nice post this week on PPC and The Advertising Revolution. The post outlines similarities between PPC and old fashioned classified advertising, point to the call to action as the shared, essential feature.
  • Does Zappos have the foundation for future success in this blog post? I think so. Once a company begins to offer these kinds of benefits to both their customers and employees, everyone will eventually have to follow or be forced out of the competition.
  • Wes Walls at the NVI Solutions blog wrote up a good 4 step strategy to optimize your AdWords campaigns. These strategies are geared to help improve your click-through rate.
  • How can you make your PPC campaign awesome? Testing. Sure, you may not know exactly what appeals best to your audience when you’re launching, but you can quickly find out by testing and letting your users tell you what they like.
  • And finally: new AdWords features! Check out Brad Geddes’ post and make sure you know about all of them. Keep up with the times, you know.

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