PPC News Roundup for 11/20/2009

By Jessica Niver | @Hanapin
  • Have you heard of the Google Content Network Blast?  The blast apparently serves up an advertiser’s ad on several of Google’s CN sites over a shorter time frame, geographic region, audience segment or high traffic sites. These blasts can deliver 100 million impressions over a 24 – 48 hour time period. See how you can sign up for one today.
  • When it comes to PPC, making sure you’re targeting the right audience is key to success. Have to give credit to Elizabeth Marsten for writing her blog, ‘don’t market to me like I’m a prostitute’ really makes you think about who you’re targeting and why perhaps you’re not making the sales you need. It’s a really funny, but unfortunate situation.
  • If you’re just getting started in PPC, make sure to review “More Popular PPC Pitfalls.” This post highlights some PPC “don’ts” such as bidding on broad keywords and setting your maximum cost per click too low.
  • The approval for the Yahoo! deal with Bing is right around the corner and it’s important for us to be prepared for some changes. Mike Moran’s post “Are you ready for Bing?” highlights some of the implications of the deal. If you aren’t currently using Microsoft adCenter for paid search, you might want to get started now.
  • We’ve been talking a lot around the office about local search lately. Search Engine Guide had an interesting post this week on The 3 Variable of Good Local Search. The post is certainly worthy of a read if you’re trying to optimize the local search for your business or client.
  • Marketing Pilgrim noted a new feature for AdSense that will highlight the more relevant ads. Google announced that it is testing the new featured ad format which places a little star next to the ad it finds more relevant.
  • Balance in life is important and the same holds true in your PPC campaigns. Search Engine Land has focused on finding this balance and compiled “3 Reasons to Invest in Non-Branded Terms” to help you get the most profitable return.
  • Search Engine Watch’s Jason Tabeling takes a look at how the relationships between the different search engines and their partners impact your PPC campaigns. He has identified new paid search opportunities to help refine your results and get the traffic you want.

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