PPC News Roundup for 11/6/2009

  • Ad copy is the first impression a potential customer has of your business, so it is an important part of your PPC campaign. As part of the SEM Beginner Series, the Microsoft Advertising Community stresses the importance of strong Ad Copy along with tips and tricks for writing successful ads.
  • You know how some people are so competitive, they have to be number one no matter what the cost? That might work in some arenas, but it’s not the best way to handle your PPC bids. If bidding your ads into a higher position doesn’t increase your conversion rate…you don’t need to be there! No matter how cool it makes you feel.
  • The RKG blog discusses the relative importance to your PPC accounts of quality score vs bids– and why focusing on quality score strategy may be a beginner’s mistake. “Get it right then move on”.
  • It’s a common thought that branded keywords convert better than non-branded keywords. While, this is usually true, Search Engine Land is asking, Should You Bid All Brand Keywords To The First Position? The post suggests that just because their branded doesn’t mean the first position is most efficient.
  • Looking for ways to revamp your emailing marketing? Search Engine Land is offering 5 Tips for Effective Email Copywriting. Some of the topics covered include: focusing on the subject line, mix promotional and informational, involve your readers, and make a clear call to action.
  • Hitting your clients’ goals each month is mission number one. But you need to stay within your allotted budget as well. Josh Dreller at Search Engine Land has written a helpful article on 4 ways budgets get off track and some tips for fixing them.

How to Drive Calls that Actually Convert

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