PPC News Roundup for 12/18/2009

Properly organizing keywords in your PPC campaigns is crucial to success.  Search Engine Land’s Josh Dreller interviewed WordStream’s Larry Kim to understand best practices in keyword grouping and some new keyword research tools that PPC managers can use.

Believe it or not, it is time to start preparing for post-holiday optimizations in your pay-per-click campaign. Check out the AdCenter Blog for a checklist for their PPC post-holiday checklist.

Even though Google has closed the Local Business Center, Local is still the buzz word of the moment. Search Marketing Standard has a post this week on Optimized Local PPC Targeting. The post explains how and why you should set up a local campaign and a national campaign if you really to optimize your results.

Because we all love top 10 lists near the end of the year,here’s one more! Joy Brazelle takes a moment to provide some tips for 2010 on getting your accounts ready to go.

PPC and SEO duked it out at SES Chicago, and Manny Rivas has given us this great summary of the session with lots of detailed info from industry leaders about the benefits and drawbacks of each, giving those of us who think one or the other is just silly something to think about.

Smart Ways to Get More Marketing Budget and Better Tools

In this new live webinar, Kristin Vick from Hanapin Marketing and Jeff Sauer from Jeffalytics discuss how marketers can ensure they have the budget they need to be effective with online advertising and get the right tools to make that argument.

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