You maybe determined to give your PPC accounts a makeover this year, but remember to optimize PPC accounts gradually.  Melissa Mackey from Search Engine Watch discusses why drastic changes can end up hurting your account and some ways to achieve long-term results.

With 350 millions users, Facebook is hard to ignore – even for PPC. This post on Search Engine Land shows some interesting stats for traditional campaigns, and the boost a Facebook campaign was able to give them.

With advertisers spending nearly half of their budgets on PPC last year, it’s certainly an area that requires our attention going forward. But if you’ve ever wondered how it all started, check out this Brief History of PPC post.

Copywriting can make or break the entire advertising process. It’s seemingly hit or miss, so here’s an in depth look at how to be spot on. Tip number 1? Market research!

Google is still working on perfecting their local search results and in a recent post by Search Engine Journal you can read about how Google is now showing local results for statewide searches. One interesting part of the post suggests that when city results come up, your location to center of the city gives you a better chance for high ranking, while this may not be true for statewide results.

Google Adwords search query reports are excellent data points for shaping up your account.  PPCBlog offers a few tips on what to look for when you’re trying to update negative keywords, increase your quality score and boost ROI. Pretty typical topics but it has some good tips, check out what you may be missing.

You’ve gotta admit the examples are funny, and functional: tips for feminizing your copy. It’s a great reminder- think about your audience and what kind of clients you’re trying to reach- and then use the right language to appeal to them.