The importance of strong keyword grouping and organization extends past the Google AdWords interface.  How you organize your keywords plays a large role on how to build messaging platforms on your landing pages. Check out this post from Ion Interactive on grouping your keywords around user intent to build smart, higher-converting landing pages.

Google Adwords is rolling a new feature to their Opportunities Tab on the interface. The new “Bid Ideas” feature helps identify opportunities to adjust your bids on keywords to maximize your ROI. The feature provides you with bid-raising ideas, bid-lowering ideas or neither for your keywords and you can choose to implement the suggestions based on your goals.

Google is once again updating their opportunities tab in the Adwords interface.  You once had new keyword opps along with budget recommendations. Now they’re adding a new ‘big idea’ section along with bid simulator information to help you determine where your bids should be set.

Google buys Aardvark, the half human, half algorithm social search engine according to John Battelle.  Will they actually do something with it this time or will they let it flounder like Dodgeball?

Go straight to the source and Listen To Your Customers suggests a post this week on Search Engine Guide. If you’re working on adjusting your keywords, stop brainstorming with coworkers and start asking your customers what they think!