Long or short? Keyword versus key phrase? What is the best targeting strategy for your pay per click campaign? Here is a great  post from Search Engine Land that dives into some performance data behind both short and long tail keywords.

Google has made it easy to implement search campaigns on mobile phones, but many search marketers are still hesitating to take the leap into this new space. Search Engine Watch’s Parks Blackwell encourages search marketers to leverage low CPC’s and test mobile search campaigns.

This post from SEO Scoop gives some great suggestions on how to use your PPC data to gain insight into your SEO strategy. By digging int the data, you can find the best keywords to go after, and if you are showing ads on the content network, you can use that data to help build your link building strategies.

Maintaining a great client relationship takes skill. SEMGeek thinks the first meeting “discovery phase” is the most important. It certainly helps to make a good impression when first meeting with a client and set the tone for the rest of the working relationship. In their report, they have some great tips for starting things our right.