There are some great benefits to the content network like lower click costs, and a large audience base, but like any campaign you need to make sure expanding past search will help you meet your business objectives. Once you’ve done that, it will be easy to get started if you follow this step-by-step guide from PPC Blog.

In his post Review Your PPC Keywords, Jason Tabeling from Search Engine Watch, reminds us to pay close attention to the keywords and match types we have running in our campaigns. Understanding how Google is serving up your ads based on users’ search queries can ultimately be extremely valuable for your account.

Here is a helpful post from Search Engine Watch on Managing Client PPC Campaigns on the Go. This definitely a must read before you book your next business trip! Remember transparency equals trust with client relationships and always have a backup manager in case of an emergency.

Small Business Search Marketing posted a list of the 3rd annual SEMMY Award winners this week. Be sure to check out the winning post for PPC – oh, hey, look at that, it’s a PPC Hero post! Check out the SEMMY’s Homepage for a breakdown of all the votes.

The RKG blog has been talking about how people shop, and what that means for your conversion rates, this week: the type of shopper your keywords, ads, and landing pages are targeting could make all the difference to your conversion rates. Like George Michie says in the post, he’s not offering data-based classifications, just logical assumptions, but they’re good to think about for your websites in either case.