Do you pause keywords solely due to low conversion rates? In his  post, Valuing Keywords Based On Their Role Search Engine Land’s Adam Goldberg challenges us to analyze keywords in a different way using an attribution model. You may discover that you need to  start unpausing some of your keywords.

It’s important to pay attention to click-through rate in your PPC campaigns, as it’s a factor in Quality Score and can be an indication of the general quality of your keyword structures and ad messaging. But it can change over time, and it’s not always something to freak out about- the RKG blog explains why.

Did you find something in your ad group that’s really working? Now that it’s really working have you tried to replicate it within the ad group and across all of your campaigns? Perhaps your ads are over optimized. Matt Wagner takes a moment to explain why he thinks a diverse group of ads are better than highly optimized.

Once you’ve completed your keyword research and created your target list, it’s important to take some time to understand how you should be conversing with audience. As this post from PPC Blog explains, you can utilize Google’s related search function to help you discover the language patterns of searchers so you can attract your target audience, and communicate with them more effectively through your ads and landing pages.

Stop spending your daily budget if you want to get more clicks! This may sound counter-intuitive at first, but after reading this post from E-Marketing Performance, you’ll understand how spending your daily budget could actually be preventing you from getting your full potential of clicks. The goal is to find your spend sweet spot so you gain the most PPC visitors for your money.