The biggest news in search this week came out of Google with the launch of “Retargeting” on the Content Network. You can now target users who did not result in a conversion on a website. It is all based on user intent. The folks over at Search Engine Land got the inside scoop from their reps, check out what they had to say.

According to this post from Portent Interactive, the match type you use for your PPC keywords in Bing plays an integral part in your position. This appears to be part of Bing’s effort to connect with searchers, but this process may actually be hindering the most relevant ad to be showing. Read more about their recommendations on how to optimize your account.

Do you know what the hot search topics are right now? How about what people in New York are searching on today? Search Engine Watch has put together a list of the Top Free Real Time Search Tools so you can easily keep up with the latest trends.

Long-tail keywords are often some of the best performers. They’re relevant, targeted, and often covert a lower CPL. Search Engine Land’s Managing Tail Terms: Balancing Risk & Reward has a few suggestions for you on how to choose these keywords while mitigating your risk of poor performers.

We all have a process when it comes to optimizing our PCC accounts. It’s nice though when someone else takes a moment to write theirs down. Here’s three best practices for your enjoyment!