PPC News Roundup for April 30, 2008

By Amber Speer | @Hanapin
  • Having problems lowering your PPC bounce rate? Traffic.com says to take a look at your homepage and landing pages one more time. If you have an annoying splash page that people have to find their way out of or if your customers have to request a pin or register just to view your site, that could be attributing to your higher bounce rates.
  • Let’s talk landing pages“, says Rebecca at SeoMoz. As chapter 4 of Web Design for ROI Rebecca talks about how important landing pages are to the success of your SEO or PPC campaign. She defines landing pages as a web site’s stand-in for ambassador, concierge, and superstar salesperson rolled into one.
  • If you have a lead generation website or landing page, Grokdotcom has some helpful tips in this post. You need to point out the value of your site/whitepaper/download to the user, ask for only the information you need, and establish trust with the user!
  • MSN’s adCenter team has certainly listened to customer feedback. The proof is “in the pudding” with their spring upgrade. Changes have been made to the campaign management tab by providing more performance data and the ability to add negative keywords to campaigns and adgroups was made much easier.
  • Dave Davis over at Red Fly Marketing has a great post on setting up PPC campaigns properly. If you’re a beginner, I would definitely suggest you check this out – it’s full of great tips.
  • Don’t worry about converting customers who already say “yes” to your product/service (obviously!), and don’t about those who say “no.” You should be focusing your efforts toward those individuals who say “maybe” to what you have to offer! This article at PPC-Advice gives some good tips for turning “maybe” clients into “yes” clients!

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