PPC News Roundup for April 6, 2007

  • Anxious to start using Google’s Website Optimizer? Multivariate testing is even easier with these free tools and resources.
  • Yahoo’s decision to require shorter ad descriptions comes with great tips for writing short, relevant and powerful messages.
  • Sometimes you need to turn down your hype dial and make your headlines not so fantastical and wonderful. Chris Garrett at Copyblogger tells you how.
  • Johnathan Mendez discusses one small aspect of your landing page that can have major affects on your revenue and conversion rate: your call-to-action button. This is an interesting article because I’ve always included the button when reviewing landing pages, but never put this much depth into it.
  • Is MSN going to swallow Doubleclick and then swallow Yahoo? No one knows but Mark Simon at Search Insider gives his theory which is very interesting.
  • This is a really good overview of the pros and cons of the ‘big three’ PPC search engines. Advertisers who are new to PPC would benefit from this the most.
  • Traffic’s Andrew Goodman shares tidbits from an interview with a Googler about the Website Optimizer coming out of beta. The core of the discussion? Testing is almost always better then not testing.
  • This article about using Google Trends to compare brands to products reiterates the importance of branding in the world of search. Controlling your brand in organic and paid search results is important now more than ever.
  • There’s a new metric available in AdWords: Impression Share. This allows advertisers to see “the share of all impressions an ad earned against others that are competing.”
  • It is always interesting to see different opinions on the progress of Yahoo!’s Panama. According to this report, advertisers (namely big spenders) are seeing positive results. From what we’ve seen, this isn’t necessarily the status quo.
  • This helpful hit on inserting Dynamic Text in Ad Titles for adCenter is enlightening. The writer eludes to the fact that MSN has ‘default text’ on their wish list.
  • MSN, like Yahoo!, doesn’t allow advertisers to capitalize Display URL’s in adCenter. This blog post describes how to use the {parameter} tool to insert custom display URL’s with capitalized letters!

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