Have you been using the updated keyword tool in AdWords? I haven’t, but that’s about to change. Truthfully, I enjoy the simplicity of the previous version and always found myself clicking the “previous interface” link rather than giving the new tool a legitimate shot at winning me over. This week Google announced the new keyword tool is exiting Beta and they shed some light on the functions that are coming with it.

The Display Network is your friend and Mike Fleming is here to prove it. Today he released his third installment with how to advance your business with the Display Network. I advise going back and reading the first two as well but today he gives some great advice on how to create effective ads.

As we draw nearer to the yahoo/msn merge, I’ve been scouring the web for any little tricks that will soften the transition. Elizabeth Marsten at Portent Interactive answered the call with a few tricks that are outside of the box. Read her article on MSN AdCenter Secrets to tighten up your Microsoft chops.

What do you think about internal search on your custom PPC landing pages? I think we often stay clear of this option in an attempt to funnel our users towards a conversion. But what happens if your user doesn’t find what they’re looking for? More often then not, they leave. Our customers want a usable site. Peter D at PPCBlog offers some insight about how to coordinate internal search and PPC.