If you’ve ever needed help targeting websites for your Display Network campaigns the Google DoubeClick Ad Planner can help target your key demographics. A new feature of this tool is the ability to export your findings directly to AdWords; making creating your newly focused campaigns easier than ever. The Google Agency Ad Solutions Blog provides a great video tutorial on how to do so.

PPCBlog has a really great article on how traditional high-level marketing skills apply to PPC. Lets face it, so many of us web marketers don’t have a traditional marketing background and/or no traditional marketing training. The PPC market is competitive. Use these skills to your advantage.

Wpromoter’s Jamie Lane blogged about a great case study, in which Lumaneers diversified their traffic and boosted conversions. They did this through a combination of SEO and PPC strategies. Their original problem areas are something I think is pretty common and their solution is something we can all apply to our strategy. See what you can takeaway from this great article.