PPC News Roundup for August 20, 2008

  • Surely by now you know of the social networking phenomenon sweeping the web. These social networking sites, like Facebook, offer advertising with text ads, akin to trusty AdWords. If your target audience is the younger, hip crowd, then this might seem like a great way to reach out to them. However, advertising on these platforms may not be the best way to spend your PPC budget. Bob Gilbreath over at challengedividend.com offers his feedback on advertising with Facebook. Pretty interesting stuff if you ask us.
  • Today, Google announced some new changes to the Website Optimizer tool at the Search Engine Strategies Conference in San Jose. The official AdWords blog details these changes. These updates are designed to help your content targeting, so check it out if it suits your PPC needs!
  • Brad Geddes over at eWhisper has a post on Google Adwords Quality score factors chart. The chart is an easy way to learn about the major quality score factors that affect the different quality score types.
  • Are you a beginner search marketer? You’re in luck, because the guys over at seoroundtable have put together a post called search advertising 101. The post goes into detail about exactly what search marketing (PPC) is and gives plenty of advice for beginners.
  • Does your PPC campaign have a problem child keyword? Don’t know what a problem child keyword is? Over at YOUmoz, Hannah has posted a good article on how to deal with problem child keywords in your PPC campaign. Check out this article to see what these problem child keywords are, and how can you correct their bad behavior.
  • What do you do with keywords with a low click-through rate? First, you need to determine why this keyword is underperforming. Second, you need to decide your strategy to improve this keyword’s performance. Linda at the Get Elastic blog has posted a very thorough article on how to deal with keywords with poor click-through rates.

Analyzing the AdWords Distance Report

The distance report provides a unique view of your geographic data. The report helps users understand how distance from a location impacts search ad performance.

How to Master Attribution for Easy Budget Planning

In this webinar, Hanapin’s Cassie Oumedian and Google’s Julia Meter will provide tips on using AdWords attribution to directionally decide where you should allocate your budget, and how you can use the changing industry to your advantage.

AdWords Interface Updating By End of 2018

By the end of 2018, the old AdWords interface will be replaced by the new AdWords Experience permanently. The exact date of the transition is up for debate but it is expected to come as early as October, if not earlier in the year.