• Greg Meyers at SEMGeek recently posted about the AdWords reporting tool: Impression share. He has followed this post with an interesting question: AdWords Impression Share Exact Match: Fact or Fiction? Greg doesn’t determine the factual or fictional status of this report, but he does draw another conclusion: Google wants you to spend more money by using more broad match keywords (according to the report’s results). This means advertisers spend more with less-targeted keywords. Interesting points indeed, but each advertiser needs to determine what’s best for them.
  • Do you geographically target your ads to a specific area (or multiple areas)? Then Google has just given you a leg-up! Google recently launched Local Plus Box; a display at the top of SERPs that highlights locally targeted businesses. I know I’ll be looking to get my clients in this coveted area of the SERP!
  • We are constantly looking for methods to improve our conversion rate. Scott over at StepForth has 5 good ways to test your landing page conversion rate. As you know, the best way to determine a winning landing page formula is test, test and then test some more! Scott gives you some ideas on what to test.
  • This is the first 2007 wrap that we’ve posted so far: there will certainly be more. Interestingly enough, this is a list of what 2007 WASN’T, focusing on the trends, illusions and pain points of the year. Mark draws an interesting conclusion: 2007 was the year of the mass merger! It was indeed.
  • Kevin Gibbons shows us his guide to creating a Google Adwords Campaign template to use when setting up new accounts. He says, “This does look like a very useful feature to speed up the setup process for new client accounts or similar campaigns.”
  • Seach Engine RoundTable talks about the automated PPC bid management tools which are very complex, expensive and can take serious expertise to use. They go on to give PPC’ers tips and advice on how to automate your PPC campaigns, starting with what you already know and do well.

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