PPC News Roundup for Friday 7/10/2009

  • Semgeek posted about the possibility of PPC Ads in Movie Theatres. At first I thought how do you “Pay per Click” in a movie theatre? OK, so they don’t mean actual PPC, but the post does have interesting things to say about geo-targeting and marketing in general.
  • Still think you can make thousands of dollars a week working from home for Google? Hate to break it to you, but it’s a scam, and Google is finally cracking down. Whether it’s to protect the public or just cover them, AdWords is now banning ads with keywords that look related to these phony ads. It’ll be nice to see them gone.
  • Melissa at Search Engine Watch has a really useful article on utilizing geo-targeting to bid on more general keywords without draining a PPC budget. Used properly, it can be a great tool for national advertisers and result in some truly quality leads.
  • A continuation of the cool landing page makeover series from Roberta Rosenburg at Copyblogger, complete with pictures! Nice. Good specific and general advice for landing page best practices, plus you can look through their whole series (they’re on #17).
  • This series is just a good reference: stuff you can do in Excel for SEMs. I don’t know about you, but this program amazes and frustrates me on a daily basis, so this is nice to see.
  • There is a nice case study on the Yahoo! blog that claims less people are watching TV and requesting print publications in the travel industry – therefore, they realized online was the place to be. By combining sponsored search and display ads together, traffic to the case study site doubled and conversions increased dramatically.
  • Inside AdWords has posted a helpful article in their ‘new interface series.’ This week they discuss a new feature that you may not be utilizing just yet but it could make your PPC management much faster and easier: spreadsheet editing.
  • Ion Interactive always post very enlightening articles. Recently, they published the ‘7 levels of landing page optimization.’ A helpful resource to understand the various layers of landing page optimization.
  • Bing continues to acquire search engine share. Search Engine Watch has posted a study showing a steady increase of search volume. Something to keep an eye on.

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