PPC News Roundup for January 2, 2009

By Amber Speer | @Hanapin
  • Need to save some money on PPC this year?  Website Magazine has 5 solid tips for doing just that.  These helpful solutions range from reviewing your match type strategy, negative keyword use, account structure, ad scheduling and even taking a look at the search engines you’re using.
  • A serious concern on the minds of many marketers is how their PPC campaigns could be affected by a recession.  Marketing Profs offers up 10 tips to recession-proof lead-generation PPC campaigns.  Of the 10 helpful tips, #10 is my favorite:  “Don’t Panic”
  • The first “best advice” of 2009 comes from SEM Geek.  One of the most effective methods for keyword research is none other than “reading your own damn content.”  Why?  It’s free, helps identify campaign structure, identifies long tail keywords, improves landing page Quality Score and helps to create an onging PPC strategy.
  • Scott Brinker at Post Click Marketing has written a summary of an article from Media Post. The original article has some interesting thoughts on supercharging your online marketing campaigns. However, I also liked Scott’s summary and additional thoughts on the sub-categories of “post click marketing.” Scott has added 3 new sub-categories that take place after a user clicks onto your site.
  • The WPromoter has a post on how Amazon reported the best holiday season ever in 2008. How is this when it seems like every other retailer is down in revenue? Amazon is a large beast and at a time when everyone is looking for a deal, they go to Amazon.  You can advertise via PPC on Amazon…
  • If you listen to one person’s advice this year let it be this guy: Brian Carter from Search Engine Journal writes how he thinks that PPC is the best online marketing channel. A couple of good reasons, PPC can get you a great ROI and instant targeted traffic are just some of his reasons.

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