PPC News Roundup for July 11, 2007

  • Check out Marketing Pilgrims Free eBook on SEO, PPC and social media marketing advice.
  • We are always looking to diversify our search campaigns. Search Engine Journal gives us a good reminder of the alternatives to Google that are out there.
  • I think we manage campaigns within Google and Yahoo’s content work with success, but we’re always looking for more insight so that we can do even better.
  • Are you having trouble finding the time to manage your PPC campaigns? How to Optimize B2B Pay-Per-Click in Four Hours a Week from Search Engine Land.

The Rise of The No-Click Search Results

Searching for answers and data has never been easier thanks to the help of search engines. Here we’ll discuss the effect that no-click cost is having on ppc, including the growing popularity of voice search.

How to Drive Calls that Actually Convert

Our experts are here to explain how gaining call tracking data can help you close the gap in your customer journey and tailor their experience so they actually convert.