If you’ve been burned by poorly managed broad match keywords in the past, Google just released the Broad Match Modifier in the U.S. According to George Michie from RKG blog. With BMM you can use a + sign in front of words within Broad Match to trigger close variations of that word: misspellings, singular/plural, stemming, and acronyms/abbreviations. In short, BMM lets you create keywords, which have greater reach than phrase match and increased control on broad match. Thanks Google, you’ve done it again.

Darwin wrote about survival of the fittest. With the release of new apps and add-ons to our browsers, consumers are fighting back against an overload of ads. Most notable, Apple released Safari 5 witch has a new “reader” feature that take out text and content ads in an effort to make its browser more user friendly. Check out Michael Gray’s post about fighting back against these new features.

Giving your ads a local feel can help you increase a consumer’s comfort level. You might be asking, how do I separate myself from being the Walmart of widgets and still reach a large audience? Joseph Vivolo offers some tips to give your ads that mom and pop shop feel while still marketing to the whole country.

Are you starting to get nervous about the impending merge of Microsoft and Yahoo AdCenters? We all are. It can be tough to weed through all the information that is (and isn’t) available. For those of us utilizing these search engines for advertising, we want as much info as possible to make the shift seamless. The Folks at PPC Blog have found a rose in the weeds in their article about Yahoo’s Trademark Policies winning through.