Getting the consumer to your site is only half the battle.  Check out these 5 Tips To Improve Conversion On B2B Landing Pages, and start reaping the benefits.  *Side note: don’t be deterred by the title, the tips can be applied to your B2C clients as well!

Mike Fleming dropped his third installment on using ad testing to reach your marketing goals. This final article helps us know when to conclude our tests so we can analyze our results. These tips will help you get the most out of your tests and will make sure the time spent setting them up is well worth it.

Head over to the PPCBlog for an interesting read on the importance of headlines in PPC advertising.  To an expert, this little fact might be nothing new, but this post is a must read as it goes into depth about the role of headlines, not only in PPC campaigns and traditional advertising, but also in our overall media culture. Brevity, relevancy, and simplicity are the keys to success for higher CTR and conversion rates.

Josh Dreller over at Search Engine Land has come up with a list of 11 Inventory Sources for Keyword Marketers. From Twitter and Facebook to the Internet Yellow Pages and Shopping Engines, this list includes some of the top ad inventory for search marketers.