PPC is highly competitive and the inflated keyword costs make it that much more difficult to compete. As a small business owner, if you are certain to be outranked in the search engines for popular phrases relating to your services, it’s first important to acknowledge that you may get trampled unless you start looking in other places on the web to attract traffic. Erik Whaley at Search Engine Journal points out some effective PPC tips for small business owners. You don’t have to abandon your PPC efforts, just re-think your strategy.

Having a landing page that isn’t relevant to your PPC campaign not only confuses users, it also confuses Google. In addition to matching your landing page message to your PPC campaign, you should also optimize your landing page for relevant keywords that you are buying. Giovanna over at PPC Blog has some tips on making sure your page is structured in the most efficient manner to maximize free traffic and to keep the visitors from making a quick exit.

Sometimes Internet searchers can be a little impatient. We know what we want and we want to find it now.  Adding sitelinks to your PPC ads can help improve your CTR and ROI.  By adding additional text to your Ads the benefit is two folds. 1. You are able to give searchers more information about your site and possibly your product and 2. Your ad will take up more space, increasing odds that a searcher will see it. Sinead from Redfly put together a great tutorial for adding sitelinks

Mobile web access is here to stay, and while many of us use smart phones to access information on the web, many marketers are not taking advantage of the opportunities available. David Ward at Clickz.com tells us, only about a quarter of marketers surveyed are using social or mobile advertising.  The real take away here is that there is a huge opportunity to get to the mobile party first. By ramping up or simply starting your mobile PPC campaigns now you can already be ahead of three quarters of the competition. If you need more proof check out Micheal Martin’s piece. You don’t want to be late to mobile search marketing.