Back in the day when people had something to sell, they traveled door to door with their products. Before they sold anything, they first had to find an audience. Nowadays, users generate ad content based on their search words. As a copywriter, the challenge is not creating the opportunity to sell, but crafting a winning ad in a competitive environment. Giovanna over at PPC Blog describes some copywriting tips that will help you get started down the road to conversions.

Seasons come and go and so do peoples interest. You’re probably not going to get a lot of searches for wool sweaters in July and if you’re like me, you can never get enough data about your ads. Pinpointing the most relevant search terms can be valuable. Here are some great keyword tracking tools from Google that the folks at PPC Blog point out.

Kim Farmer at Microsoft introduces us to the SEM Advanced Series with an article on Budget Optimization. Should you be using the “spend budget until depleted” option with Microsoft adCenter? It wouldn’t hurt to consider it. Kim shows us what to keep an eye on, what reports to run, and how to set up your campaign for ideal results using this option.

By now you’ve heard that Lebron James is making his way to Miami. The quest for Lebron has taught a valuable PPC lesson. As Christopher Heine reports, the New York Knicks now know to double check their landing pages.  But wait, the Lebronathon has more to offer! As a bonus article, check out the folks at This Week in Relevance’s article on relevancy and accuracy of your ads and make sure you aren’t peddling outdated products or discounts that might drive you CPC or CPL up.