You might be new to PPC or perhaps would like a refesher, how many things are different about your campaigns now than 2 years ago? Are you sure you’re staying up with the latest trends? Here’s an excellent resource for those wanting to freshen up on their skills or enter the industry. You may want to stick with the old standby’s – Google, Yahoo and MSN or give ROI’s Revolution a shot.

It’s 2 am you’re asleep, and so is everyone else, so why are you paying as much for your PPC ads? Check out the ad-scheduling tool in analytics to help you pin point when your ads will run, and squeeze the most out of PPC budget. There’s several great reporting tools in Google analytics that help you maximize the performance of you adds.

Yahoo & MSN search alliance will affect PPC accounts.   By June 30, 2010 PPC accounts from Canada and the US will be transitioned over.  In order to bring about a seamless transition dates can be modified from the initial deadline.  The alliance between yahoo and msn’s main sales pitch is that the alliance will bring about a streamlining effect for users.  My advice; plan, implement and make sure your clients are affected in a positive manner with this industry move.

In search, optimization starts at the time a user sees your ad, and sometimes it doesn’t end until months after they leave your site. The most effective advertisers are able to view the whole picture and optimize each piece of it, balancing engine and profit optimization along the way. Therefore it’s important to make your data work for you from multivariate testing to pre/ post-click experiences. Spend some time understanding the data. It’ll be well worth your time and make you a more efficient marketer.

Ever wondered how bid changes would really affect your account?  Do you put a lot of thought into bids when setting up your account?  Well according to Siddharth Shah, subtle differences in bids are more important than people think.  Check out the science of bidding to see how your bids are affecting your account.