PPC News Roundup for May 13, 2008

By Amber Speer | @Hanapin
  • “You just launched your PPC campaign, now what?”, says Shimon Sandler. Shimon gives excellent ideas for a post launch PPC process. We use some of these ideas here at Hanapin Marketing and they truly enhance the quality of our PPC campaigns and customer satisfaction.
  • Take it from the Multivariate Testing Expert, Jonathan Mendez, as he gives his secrets to MVT success. See how Jonathon’s six step can help your landing pages for PPC!
  • In this post, John Ellis discusses how important PPC is to a holistic marketing campaign. His points on how ad testing, geo-targeting and keywords provide great marketing data are well worth the read!
  • Once you get past Jeff’s sports team metaphor (*wink*), this is a great lesson at the PPC Book on discovering how relevant your website/landing page is to your keyword list. He explains how he did his initial keyword research, then used Google’s Website Content tool and discovered that his keywords were nowhere to be found. Jeff’s point is – use this tool to help you create the right page architecture and build content around your campaigns and keyword lists!
  • Even with all of the quality score initiatives implemented by Google (and Yahoo & MSN), we still have to keep in mind that PPC is still an auction-based system. Just in case you need a review on how Google’s auction system functions, here is a quick recap.
  • As you know, we are firm believers of increasing your PPC relevancy with every opportunity. Looking for additional ideas on how to even better target your ads? Dave Szetela has written an interesting article at Search Engine Watch on increasing your PPC ad relevancy for the content network.
  • We are all about landing pages. In fact, we post about them all the time! And today is no different. The Post-Click Marketing folks have published an interesting article that discusses three different ways in which people can expand the total number of landing pages they produce.

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