PPC News Roundup For November 14th, 2008

Quite the week for PPC news if I do say so myself. We also have a ton of SEO news that can be found at our sidekick site, SEO Boy! Further, I would like to give two thumbs down to the turn to winter. If only PPC Hero had the ability to change the weather. I may have to look into that … Anyways, here’s the weekly goods:

  • We have written previously on Google Ad Planner and recently Google announced that they have added new features and that the application has a wider availability. Now, you can define your audience by keywords and geography, manage your site results and analyze your media plan all within Ad Planner. This is a helpful tool and you should give it a try.
  • Alan Rimm-Kaufman ruminates on the “prisoner’s dilemma” in holiday promotions for 2008.  With so many retailers cutting prices to gain an edge during the holiday shopping season, you are forced to do the same.  But is it the right decision?  “Promotions are where many retailers are heading.  It is going to be an extremely rough-and-tumble Q4 in retail this season.”
  • Is AdWords Quality Score Like SEO?  That’s what Andrew Goodman is asking this week.  Optimizing landing pages for SEO and PPC still require separate strategies, despite what some people are saying.  I would agree with Andrew that “AdWords=SEO” certainly misses the mark.

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Analyzing the AdWords Distance Report

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How to Master Attribution for Easy Budget Planning

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