PPC News Roundup For November 21st, 2008

By Pete Hall
  • Google has created a  US search based keyword tool. Over at search engine round table they have posted a screen shot and the new features which includes keywords that you may not be advertising on that would possibly bring in a good ROI.
  • Search Engine Land write that Microsoft says it’s open to search-only deal with Yahoo!. The deal would consist of Yahoo outsourcing search and SEM to Microsoft in exchange for guaranteed revenues over a several year period. If this deal does take place, Microsoft and Yahoo search combined would only control about 30% of the consumer search marketing in the US according to SEL.
  • Beat this! Beat what, you ask? A CTR of 92,233,720,368,547,776.00% of course.
  • SEMvironment does a great job of responding to the “disconnect between PPC and SEO spending” controversy.  Based on a post from SEOmoz and a SERP heatmap, this article explains that in the end it’s never a good decision to choose one over the other.  The truth is – they compliment one another!
  • Always remember that a small change on your landing page can have big impact on your conversion rate. The Mind Valley Lab team pushed an article today on how the increased their conversion rate by 15% with one small change. What small change can you make to your landing page to get this kind of result?

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