I hope everyone is enjoying their turkey day break! Knock out that food coma from yesterday with a little Brain Age – PPC Hero style. Gobble Gobble!

  • Jeremy Mayes at PPC Discussions has been keeping track of every AdWords ad he’s clicked on over the past 60 days.  After 100 clicks, he’s realized that 110 of them landed on a dead (404 error) page!  Simply amazing.
  • Note to self, stick to the facts when writing about Quality Score.  Andrew Goodman discovered a white paper on Quality Score that was a little grey on the facts.  He just wants to make sure that your PPC agency is paying attention to all of the facts!
  • Brad Geddes has a post on Google’s display ad builder tool.  He says it lets you build images, flash and widget ads from pre-made templates.  He even has a YouTube video to watch and learn. I think it’s cool for people who are in the mode of trying something new or for people who are new to advertising and wants to see if these special kinds of ads will work for them.
  • The Google Agency blog has started a Quality Score Fact of the Day series that highlights questions that Google reps get from account managers and advertisers. Last Monday’s fact was that showing up in a higher position will not benefit your Quality Score. Although higher-ranked ads may typically earn better click-through rates, Quality Score is normalized to compensate for performance differences resulting from ad position.