PPC News Roundup for November 30, 2007

  • The holidays are the time to give PPC advertising everything you’ve got, even if it means devoting more time to MSN adCenter! PPC Discussions explains why even if you normally ignore or under-utilize adCenter, the holidays are prime time to go full force. The conversion rates and click traffic increase during the Christmas season, and you should take advantage accordingly.
  • The Rimm-Kaufman blog offers an excellent paid search primer full of great advice. With tips ranging from setting specific goals, starting with Google, advertising for your specific product/service only, to being cautious with budget spend caps, this blog is a must read for any PPC beginner.
  • Andrew Goodman at Traffick explains why dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) doesn’t always work. His advice is that DKI can be a useful tool, but it should be tested cautiously within your PPC campaigns. “The one-word advice that “always” “works”: TEST.
  • According to ClearSaleing, for every one online contact form or registration an advertiser receives, an advertiser will receive three to five additional sales phone calls. Therefore, ClearSaleing has implemented a new phone tracking system for your organic search engine listings or paid search listings. They claim the new system will provide a comprehensive view of online advertising effectiveness. I know there are other systems/services out there that provide phone tracking. Has anyone out there used this service before and have any feedback on its effectiveness?
  • Do your campaigns need a tune up? According to search engine watch the tune up tool in yahoo analyzed a campaign’s performance history, budget and business objectives, and offers suggestions for bids, match types and budgets. To find this tool, simply log into your yahoo account, click on any campaign, and you’ll see the ‘Tune-up Campaign’ button above your campaign.

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