If you’ve been following our blog for a while you probably feel like a PPC expert.  The next question is how can you leverage your expertise and begin selling your PPC services to others. PeterD of PPC Blog has written a post on the best way to pitch your PPC services.  The key to creating a strong customer base is focusing on what the client needs from you. Peter offers advice on how to uncover and address client needs in your proposal and pitch. It’s a must read for anyone who wants to stand out in this crowded market.

Facebook ads are a necessity for any company looking to expand its fan base, according to Christopher Heine of Clickz.com.  In this blog, Christopher goes on to discuss three brands that, through rigorous PPC Facebook ad campaigns, have rapidly expanded their support base—Jim Beam, Panda Express and Baskin Robins.  These three companies have seen their support base triple, if not more, via targeted Facebook ads.  However, this is not the magic bullet to internet marketing.  Many industries may not be helped by Facebook ads.  For instance, many more people may support Baskin Robbins then say an industrial manufacturing company, so it’s not for everyone.

Yes, yes, we know.  Google AdWords changed their reporting tab this month, and it left PPC marketers a bit on the grouchy side.  But, luckily, Google’s back with new Adwords reporting tools to make up for the change, and these Analytics-esque features are well worth exploring.  To make it nice and easy, Joseph Kerschbaum at SearchEngineWatch.com has laid out a summary of the new AdWords tools, which include conversion funnels, path length reports, and click analyses.  It will take time to see exactly how useful these shiny new toys will be, but until then – go play!

Simon Heseltine from Search Marketing Gurus is talking about WordStream‘s release of new PPC Quality Score management software.  He says this new tool can help you improve the structure of your campaigns with features for grouping, negatives, and long-tail keyword expansion.   You can even sign up to give the new QS tool a spin for free.

In this industry things change a lot, so hot topics come and go. For instance, not too long ago quality score used to be talked about constantly in the PPC business. Not so much anymore. But John Lee with Search Engine Watch reminds us PPCers that quality score will always be important. In an ever-changing landscape, we should always have this at the front of our minds. Lee recaps why quality score is crucial and three simple steps for how to improve it.