PPC News Roundup for October 17th, 2008

By Pete Hall
  • We all know that search marketing is a complex beast – Much more than most people would think. Ion Interactive drafts out a ‘Search Marketing Maturity Model‘ to help get a broad picture of the processes involved in search marketing. Interesting stuff, if we do say so ourselves.
  • Playing the role of fortune teller, Stephen Shankland over at CNET compiles analysts’ predictions for search-advertising spending in the not too distant future. Grim, but accurate? These predictions will continue to change over time, so don’t fret too much!
  • I love a good metaphor! So, how is landing page optimization like a Ferris wheel? I’m not sure if you’ve ever asked yourself this question but the Post-Click Marketing Blog has an answer for you! This article focuses on optimizing numerous variations of a series of landing pages. This way you are testing variations of your variations and optimizing every landing page for every user. Sort of. Good stuff.
  • One of the tactics we touch on frequently is providing benefits and value to users in order to enhance your PPC campaign performance. The Marketing Experiments Blog has culled together a series of resources that will help you optimize your value proposition.
  • What is the future of search? Julie Batten at the Clickz Blog has some interesting predictions for the future of search. Basically, according to Julie, search is nowhere near maturity. Bring on the future!
  • We have often stated that you need to be tracking calls that are generated by your landing pages in order to properly monitor your lead generation, and attribute your leads correctly. One way to do this is with call tracking and now you can track calls through Google Analytics. You can get more details on tracking your leads here!
  • It’s not every day that I read something exciting about adCenter.  However, this announcement that Microsoft and Facebook have inked a deal to put adCenter ads (and search results) into Facebook is great!

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