PPC News Roundup for October 24th, 2008

By Pete Hall
  • We start off today’s roundup with reports! Thrilling! In all seriousness, Google Analytics is adding some new features that will make it even more useful, including custom reports, integration with AdSense, Motion Charts, and more. Plus, they have some videos that offer more insight into how everything will work.
  • Speaking of reports, AdWords isn’t slacking either. Google unveiled the new Impression Share report, which as you might imagine, segments your specific ad impressions against total impressions in that particular market. Good stuff AdWords!
  • This week, Google launched a new Retail blog that helps retailers optimize their ad campaigns and websites, drive free traffic, and control their marketing budgets. Another blog to add to the list I suppose.
  • Brad Geddes has a good post on understanding and recognizing keyword intent. He states that there are many  keywords that have multiple meanings. For example, the word bleach could be a cleaning product or a Japanese television show. His advice, make sure you’re ad text is describing your product specifically so no one gets confused!
  • Interested in testing displays on Google AdWords but you haven’t had the resources to get those ad designed and launched? Well, as always, Google is here to help! Google recently announced they launched the Display Ad Builder tool. Honestly, we haven’t tried this out yet… but we will soon!
  • When Google AdWords Quality Score hammer drops what do you do? What does this even mean? This means when your Quality Score takes a big hit… that hit comes from the hammer, at least according to Portent Interactive. They posted a good article on how to tighten your PPC campaigns to help mitigate and avoid the dreaded hammer.

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