We here at PPC Hero love giving you, our readers, lots of resources to help you manage your accounts even better than you already do! And of course, we always appreciate your comments that help us become better managers as well! We already have links to some of our most valuable blog spots – blog series, ppc guides, and some of our most popular posts – but we wanted to provide you with even more readily available resources in this post. Below are some of our best resources on each related topic:

Google Analytics

Quick Guide to Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels

Dealing with Google AdWords and Analytics Data Discrepancies

Heroview – CRO & Analytics for PPC with James Svoboda

Creating Custom Reports in Google Analytics

Our Guide to Google Analytics IQ Testing: Series

The Display Network

How to Succeed on the Display Network: Series

Rob’s #1 Tip for the Google Display Network: Scale Your Campaigns

Heroview – Unveiling Display Network and ACE Tactics with Melissa Mackey


Adwords Remarketing Success

Remarketing Success & Advanced Strategies

Quality Score

The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords Quality Score

Understanding adCenter’s Quality Score: Video

5 Tips to Improve Quality Score: Video

Comparing Quality Score Across AdWords & AdCenter

Case Study: Improving Low Quality Score Accounts


10 Mobile Landing Page Best Practices

Why All Your Accounts Should be Running Mobile Campaigns

Are You Sure You’re Optimized for PPC Mobile?

Bid/Budget Management

Managing A __________ PPC Account: Series

AdCenter’s Explicit and Implicit Bidding: Video

Strategies for Campaigns on Smaller Budgets

Using Top vs. Side Ad Segmentation to Make Bidding Decisions

AdWords CPA Bidding Basics and Best Practices

Bidding Strategies: Video

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